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In the start, every business needs too much struggle and hard work to establish and make a position in the market but in the clothing industry, this struggle goes double or triple because making a position in the clothing industry is too competitive.

In this competitive industry, we fall in 2017 from the city of United Arab Emirates Dubai with a team of 5 people having a great mission of providing not just good clothing products but also good 24/7 customer support and lifetime after-sale services to keep their products good as long as possible.


The brand “Leemlu” was started and established by CEO Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Kashif with a team of four employees, having goals in mind of providing good and quality products which customers pay for but also providing 24/7 customer support for a lifetime to keep their product good as long as possible free of charge.


We “Leemlu” has a mission of "eliminating the fear of purchasing online" because Leemlu is not just responsible to deliver the product to your door steps but also responsible to deliver all the after-sale services to our customers without charging a single cent. To do what we are promising to our customers. We have well-organized different teams to do their task and present all their expertise in front of our customers We Leemlu is far away from our Customers by the distance of Just starting communication and resolving the issue.

Why we are unique

Every business has their one unique way of presenting, how we are unique? How we are separate from others? We are managing all our resources to keep the customers 100% satisfied with our products, to provide a product that has 100% satisfaction we keep our eyes open on all steps from production to delivery and after-sales services. We don't compromise on the quality of the products.

Quality assurance

Quality is our priority, we can bear any type of loss but are not able the loss of downgrade the level of our quality standards and impact customer satisfaction.


We were started in the city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai But we are currently available in most of the countries across the world, including Asian, European, GCC countries, Canada, Australia, and many more countries. We are struggling our best to be available in the missing countries of the world.

Relationship with customers

Relationships with customers are an important part of any successful business. Keeping in touch with customers and building relationships with customers is beneficial for both customers and businesses, customers will aware of the new deals and packages while businesses get expanded by Keeping the Relation with customers. We have a good relationship with our customers to provide our all-new offers and all our after-sale services easily and efficiently.


The successful clothing business is also dependent on quality suppliers because quality suppliers Produce quality products and only quality clothing products long last. We are working with different suppliers belonging to different countries like China, Pakistan, and Turkey. We remain in touch with those suppliers whose are specialise in their product category to keep the product quality excellent and long-lasting.


Efficient warehouses are also too important for stocking bulk qualities and improving the order acceptance rate and order processing time. Currently, we have warehouses in China, Pakistan, Turkey, and UAE. We use these warehouses to keep the raw fabric, finished products, and our bulk inventory to increase the order acceptance rate and lower the order processing time.


The team is important? The importance of the team in any field and any type of successful business is very important. We have a well-organized and potential team of different groups, performing their task by using all of their capabilities to provide a good experience of short order processing time and fast delivery to all customers across the world.

Collaboration with carrier companies

For fast and secure delivery of all our orders to all our world is a headache for us, how to manage all orders efficiently and take short time. To respond to all orders and dispatch and deliver all in an organized way, we collaborate with the great name of carrier companies like FedEx, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail, etc to handle all our orders smoothly across the globe.

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